What is homeopathy ?

Homeopathy is a natural medicine, discovered in the 18th century, by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann.

It can cure most acute (earaches, colds, hepatitis, urinary infections, sinusitis, bronchitis, etc.) and chronic diseases (arthritis, allergies, eczema, etc.) without toxic side effects.

It uses remedies made from plant, mineral and animal kingdoms, etc. in very small quantities, chosen for their similarities to the characteristic symptoms of the sick person. These symptoms may be physical, mental or emotional and are specific to each person.

The remedy must take into account the causative factors, the vitality of the patient and the intensity of the disease.

Homeopathy suits people of all ages including babies, pregnant women and also animals. It does not require that you stop your existing medication and is compatible with most. It can also counter side effects of many medical treatments (medicaments, radiotherapy chimio, anesthesia, surgery, etc.).

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What is Classical homeopathy ?


Classical homeopathy is a particularly effective way to use homeopathy. Its main characteristics are:

The use of just one remedy at a time.

The search of one global remedy for all the patient’s ailments.

The importance of mental and emotional symptoms to determine precisely the remedy needed by the patient.



Which diseases may be treated by homeopathy ?

Homeopathy is effective in the treatment of all acute and chronic diseases in their various evolution stages, whichever organ may be affected. The same person affected by such divers illnesses as: migraines, eczema, constipation and anxiety may be treated with only one and only remedy. The choice of this remedy does not depend on the actual illness treated but on the sum of characteristic signs of the person, physical and mental.

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Linda Arbour and Georges Arragon’s particular contribution to classical homeopathy


During our long clinical experience, we have observed the importance of causative factors in the treatment of chronic diseases. The central sensitivity of each patient reveals itself through the events during which the diseases appear.

The causes may be found in the emotional or mental background or in the side effects of medical treatments or physical or mental traumas, suppressed symptoms, etc.

We therefore devised a very potent method which allows us to integrate these causatives factors to the classical way of finding the remedy.



The consultation

Your first consultation will enable us to determine with precision the remedy which fits your case, and we shall require your full cooperation.

We will examine with you your present health problems, since the inception of your first symptoms and also those of your childhood. We have indeed observed that the illnesses of the past point to the same basic sensitivity as the present. It only changes its manifestations according to the different phases of your physical and mental development.

We will also explore with you the mental state, which follows your physical condition. This part of the consultation will allow us to understand the deep sensitivities, which may contribute to your disorders.

We will then determine the unifying links between all these manifestations to establish a core sensitivity, which the homeopathic remedy has to match.

Finally, we will ask you about the particulars of your general condition (heat, chilliness, perspiration, sleep, appetite, thirst, tired spells and other various sensitivities).

We now can make a final synthesis and determine the most characteristic elements of your case. Sometimes it will be necessary to lift certain obstacles to the cure. These may be physical or mental traumas, intoxication, side effects of remedies or vaccinations, etc. They will require specific or complementary treatment.

We then determine the remedy most similar to your particular condition. It may be given in the form of a one-time dose or a daily intake, depending on the case. The consultation lasts 2 to 3 hours, and we require you to fill in a form ahead of time.

After 4 to 6 weeks, you are required to come to your first follow up. These will last only 30 to 60 minutes. We will evaluate the changes occurred since the first visit and will decide whether r to continue unchanged or modify the treatment depending on the results.

The number of follow-ups varies considerably depending on the complexity of your case, on the duration and evolution of your illnesses, on your vitality and way of life. Each case is different.



Consultation Fees

The first consultation, lasting 2 to 3 hours:

Adults: 16 and over 320 $ (taxes included)
Remedy included

Children: 230 $ (taxes included)
Remedy included

Follow-up consultation, lasting 45 to 60 minutes:

Adults and children: 130.00 $ (taxes included)
Remedy included



Major benefits of homeopathy

A holistic approach
Homeopathy treats simultaneously all your health problems as it heals the sick person and not only its symptoms. Instead of piling up medications for various symptoms, you get a personalized treatment, which cures your whole physical and mental condition.

An efficient therapeutic
Only your professional homeopath has the competence to prescribe the efficient and personalized treatment, which you require for both your acute and chronic conditions. Your professional homeopath is also available to personally supervise your evolution.

A therapeutic without side effects

People turn to homeopathy for its ability to cure physical and mental problems without the side effects and additions often associated with conventional medications.

A therapeutic for everyone
Being totally non-toxic, homeopathic remedies are the perfect choice for children, pregnant women and old people as they are more vulnerable to the aggressiveness of pharmaceutical treatments.

A non-suppressive approach
The homeopathic treatment teaches the body to stop its sick activity instead of masking symptoms. It restores simultaneously your physical and mental health, your vitality and balance.

A preventive approach
While treating the person as a whole, homeopathy stimulates vitality and immune response to illnesses. It is therefore a powerful prevention of potential health problems.

Furthermore, your professional homeopath can provide you with protocols of preventive treatment for many epidemic and contagious diseases, which can help you better fight off these diseases.

A therapeutic practiced and recognized world wide
Most industrial and emerging countries have adopted homeopathy. It is taught in professional schools and Universities, recognized by the World Health Organization WHO, and has been adopted by the National Health Service in certain countries as a method for preventing and treating epidemics.


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