I decided to try homeopathy for my back pains, which I was suffering from for several months already. My doctor advised me to go to physiotherapy sessions and take anti-inflammatory for my pain. Unfortunately, physiotherapy did not cure me and anti-inflammatory only helped temporarily .

Before opting for homeopathy and meeting with Linda, I read some books to try to understand a little better this medicine. Since treatments do not aim specifically the disease but the person, I wanted to try and I was particularly surprised and pleased by the effectiveness of the remedies and their results.

My back pain has completely disappeared in 48 hours after my first homeopathic treatment! Several people may have back pain but the cause of this trouble can be caused and experienced differently by each of us. Some will attribute it to stress, others to poor posture and the remedy will be chosen based on the person, not only the symptoms. In some cases, the prescription is simple: for such a symptom, you need such remedy (in acute conditions) In others, you need a longer consultation because for a same pathology, a homeopath disposes of different remedies.  Mrs Arbour asks about your digestion, cycles, sleep, etc. ... she is also interested in your morphology,your psyche, and the context in which symptoms occur. Since my homeopathic treatment, I no longer have any back pains!  

Myriam, Ottawa


Since my teens I suffered of regular backaches.  My periods always seemed to intensify my pains.  They increased further with my first pregnancy and by the second pregnancy they had become intolerable.  After giving birth, the pains were more and more frequent and stronger and stronger.  I became more and more dysfunctional.  During certain attacks, I could not get out of bed or I would vomit.  Sometimes I could not even eat.  I did not know what to do, so I consulted Linda in homeopathy.  We searched hard during the first consultation to find what emotions had triggered my lumbar pains and find my sensitivity.  We found my remedy and since then all my back pains have disappeared.  And if ever I feel a little twinge, I take my remedy and it goes away.  I have not had back pains for the last 9 years.

Nicole,  Ville Mont-Royal



My career as a clarinetist with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra was in danger some years ago. The specialist had diagnosed psoriatic arthritis. I had the fingers of my left hand badly swollen and the pain was intense and relentless, with additional eruptions on the nails. The treatment I received in homeopathy with Linda Arbour has completely eliminated the inflammation and pain. As a bonus, it also eliminated stomach aches I had been suffering from for at least 15 years. No need to say that my quality of life is greatly improved ... I did not even believe in homeopathy, but I thought it was worth trying because there was really no good "conventional" treatment.  Thank you to Linda and long life to homeopathy!

Alain, Montreal, Musician at the OSM


After my third bone densitometry, which showed that the percentage of my bone density had decreased at an alarming rate, I went to see Linda Arbour to see whether there was a way to stop this drop which scared me. After several meetings with Linda, I had my fourth bone densitometry.  I was very happy to see change for the better. My family doctor could not believe it because the result was so much increased in percentage, to the point where we could no longer find signs of osteoporosis. He made me pass a second test, believing that there had been a mix up with another patient! But the second test confirmed that I no longer have osteoporosis.



I consulted a podiatrist for pain and burning in a foot which was diagnosed as Morton’s neuroma. He prescribed a foot piece. Would follow, if not effective, infiltration and surgery. Pain persisted, so I decided to meet Linda and following the first consultation and remedy, the following week, as requested by Linda, I took off the foot piece in my shoe and have not had any pain. It's been several years ago, and the pain has not returned!

Lise, Montreal

ALSO See J. from Montreal's case: Asthma, Allergies and Restless Legs, in the RESPIRATORY SECTION



While traveling, I contracted a heart virus which led to a cardiac myocarditis.  My heart was deeply affected and I had a chance in three that it could heal completely, one chance in three to have permanent damage, and one chance in three that the damages would be too important and would require a heart transplant.  Once my condition stabilized, I was flown back to Montreal.  Medical prognosis was not good.  All echographs showed a severe deterioration of my cardiac function.  Traditional medicine had no treatment to offer except wait and see…

When I got back to Montreal, I called Linda, my homeopath.  I told her about my situation and she asked me one question : “just before the pain started to appear, were there new symptoms”  ?  I told her that I had had her a very severe toothache, and right after, my chest pain started.  She gave me an acute remedy for these particular symptoms.  Two weeks later, on a follow up visit with my cardiologist, he was surprised and happy to tell my that I had completely recovered, in only two weeks.  He tells me I am a very lucky person… Is it luck or the remedy?

N.  Montreal. 



I went to see Linda Arbour on the recommendation of a business friend.  I had become concerned about my long-term health.  I should mention that I was 53 years old at the time, easily 75 pounds overweight and like most men, the weight is concentrated in the midsection area.  I went to my doctor for a general checkup and was warned that I was a great candidate for a heart attack or stroke.  My cholesterol, and blood pressure was dangerously high.  I had relatively normal blood sugar levels but was instructed to get a machine to keep an eye on that.  I had bought a home blood pressure monitor and was prescribed medications for blood pressure.  My family has a history of heart disease so I could see the future closing in.  

I met with Linda for about 90 minutes.  Explained my condition, my history, the things that worry me or cause me anxiety and she listened carefully while asking me many questions that doctors have never asked before.  The meeting was pleasant and interesting.  By the end of the first meeting she told me she had a treatment for me.  I was shocked to hear that this would be the only treatment that I would need and my problems would be corrected from this day forward.  

I took the treatment from Linda as instructed but continued my medications for blood pressure and monitored the results as usual.  Within days, my blood pressure had lowered below normal and my doctor told me that I had better stop taking the medication for it.  I have had no problems since with blood pressure and my cholesterol has also returned to a much more healthy level.  My doctor still does not believe what has caused this but cannot offer any other explanations.  Personally, I am just happy that the results are so positive.  

It is now 2 years later and the results are still the same.  I have had no further treatments or medications.  I feel that the symptoms have all been cured.  My son is now 5 years old and I am confident that I will be around to see him grow up for a long time.  I was not as sure of that before meeting Linda Arbour.

Howard Puritt, Montreal



As soon as I would try to eat, after a quarter of the meal, I used to feel nauseous with a desire to vomit, and severe pain in the abdomen, just below the liver area. What would help me was to lie down because I became very sleepy after eating, and I would experience flashes of light in my vision, dizziness when walking and a lot of fatigue.

I had already seen Linda in the past, so I consulted her once more. After taking the homeopathic remedy she selected for me, I was quickly relieved. Half an hour later the pain had improved  95% and I had no more nausea and could eat normally. The next morning, I felt 10% of the pain was left.  I waited until the afternoon and the pain was 20% so I took the remedy again as Linda recommended me to do if the progressive improvement was lost. Then, nothing, no more symptoms after the second dose. Nausea, pain, drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, everything was gone. I no longer needed to take the remedy. Thank you, Linda, for the good care and especially for your listening and professionalism.

Marc B. Montreal 



I am a mother of two children who suffered from recurrent ear infections in young age (18 months and 3 years) and I decided to use homeopathy to avoid taking antibiotics repeatedly. Again, I was really surprised with the results and effectiveness of remedies. My children have ceased to have ear infections.

Myriam, Ottawa (see Myriam's testimony for her back pains, in the “BACK” section)


It was not the first time that I traveled by air, but it was the first time that I had so much pain by landing.  After that, each time I took an airplane this intense earache would appear on landing.  I tried everything that I was told to without results.  I consulted Linda and went home with little envelopes full of granules.  On my next trip, on landing, when the earache appeared I took the granules in one of the envelopes, let it melt under the tongue as recommended and my ears unblocked immediately.  No pain !  Now, when I travel, I always have my little envelope just in case!  But I never had to use one again.  I sometimes had occasional ear pains on landing but never enough to even use another remedy again. Thanks Linda!



In July 2010, we consulted Linda Arbour, classical homeopath, for an earache in each ear of our daughter Maude, 9 years old.  Clear and particular symptoms to Maude allowed Linda to determine the remedy that she needed.  The next day, inflammation was 50% less in both ears and 4 days later, all symptoms had disappeared.  Furthermore, two weeks later, her hair had started to grow again where she had had alopecia (hair loss) for which we had consulted 6 months previously and for which no previous treatments had had any success.  Linda had found her personal remedy, treating the person and not the sickness.

D.T. Notre-Dame-de-Grâce


Since his birth, my son was on antibiotics.  He had repetitive earaches.  As soon as the antibiotic was finished, within two weeks a new otitis would start, and we would start antibiotics again.  It was constant.  After 2 years of antibiotics, enough is enough, I decided to consult in homeopathy.  We found his personal remedy and since then, not one otitis.  It was really spectacular for my son, they stopped immediately and never recurred since.  He is now 11 years old.

A mother from Town of Mont-Royal



Why choose homeopathy?

I will say that in my case, it changed my life. Over 20 years ago, I found myself. Funny idea you say?

In fact, I found myself with a problem of hyperthyroidism. I lost 3 pounds a week and I thought that at this rate, I would find myself below 100 pounds quite fast, and I did not remember ever having such a weight before ??!

So I consulted in ''normal'' medicine which proposed to irradiate the gland and take hormones for life .... I was only 30 years of age. I found this scenario quite awful and I really wanted to understand why I was inflicting this disease upon myself.  But the specialist I saw at that time told me I did not need to understand. I think he did not know with whom he was dealing with. I always said to myself that when your foot hurts, it seems to me that you do not cut it off ? Well, not all of the time.

This is where my search began. It was not easy, but a friend told me about his niece who was a homeopath. I met Linda a first time and I was not sure I understood the therapeutic, how could she know what was wrong with me without examining me? I could not understand anything. She advised me to take time to reflect and come back when I was really ready to work on myself. I left saying to myself that it was a very strange way to cure people. I continued my research, seen many therapists from different disciplines, without much success.

This is when, some months later, I contacted Linda once more. We met again, we talked, I took a homeopathic remedy and I worked on myself with her collaboration and support and six months later it was over, I had no more thyroid problem and it still stands. I found myself at last ....

I'm still'' normal''. I pass tests each year to reassure my family doctor.

I liked the approach so much that I decided to go for my training in classical homeopathy and I am a homeopath since 1999 and I am very happy about it.  My encounter with Linda and classical homeopathy has changed my life. I wish this happiness to all. It is a gift of life.

Sylvie Lamoureux, St. Mathias  Homeopath graduate


SEE CASE of Jacky Jones under:  Asthma / Eye irritations / Panic Attacks IN THE RESPIRATORY SECTION



I consulted with my homeopath a few years ago for a cyst on the right ovary, which caused me severe pain and my cyst disappeared. I consulted again later, for cysts on the left ovary that caused me pain during intense stress. It procured sensations of ovarian torsion, hypersensitivity to the uterus during the second part of the menstrual cycle and finally depression and fatigue.

While still treating these cysts in the left ovary, homeopathy has solved these other problems with gentleness and effectiveness within a 3 periods time. I do not have to wait and see if the pains will go away by themselves, as I always have the homeopathic remedy with me in case the symptoms recur. During stress, as soon as I feel the symptoms I take the homeopathic remedy and everything fades away within minutes.

Martine, Ontario


My 16 year old daughter got genital herpes, a sickness which cannot be cured by conventional medicine.  The first bout was absolutely horrible.  She had to stay in bed a full week, as she could not move.  The doctor prescribed a medication to help the crisis, but knowing that the span of this medication was very limited.  The following month, during PMS a new eruption started, this time lighter than the first one.  The doctor had told her that the first crisis was usually very strong and the next ones would be less, that anything could start a crisis.  An emotion, tiredness, PMS, bad diet, etc.  She consulted Linda, my homeopath. who gave her granules.  Since then, it has now been 3 years, she has never had a crisis anymore.  After talking to a nurse recently about this story, I realized that the medical profession seems to be more and more open to this kind of treatment.

Catherine, Quebec City, Qc 


I can still remember my first visit with Linda.  A friend of mine had recommended her for my menstrual problems or should I say the absence of periods.  I went to see Linda without knowing anything about homeopathy or what we would talk about.  I had nothing to loose.  Instead I gained everything.  I went to a few meetings and my menstrual problems disappeared.  It’s unbelievable but true with dates to show.  Moreover, I had bad anxiety and was very closed to relationships.  Session after session, I got rid of my fears and got my confidence back.  Today I am happy, mother of a young boy and I feel my life is fulfilled on all counts.  In the end, homeopathy was my life’s best investment.

Angela, Vancouver. 



I was fortunate to be able to count on Linda Arbour in an accident that caused me a severe sprain.  It was the fourth time this happened to me in my life. She prescribed this wonderful remedy which saved me a long period of suffering, as it had been the three previous times. My recovery, although 20 years after the three other injuries, was done with much more speed and less pain. I work in a standing position in life and I was really afraid of compromising my mobility. But between Linda’s homeopathy and osteopathy, my recovery is stable, I do not suffer like other times and I can keep doing what I love. Her careful and frequent monitoring was valuable to get it right and speed up my recovery. I will always be grateful to her for allowing me to avoid those long months of recovery, unable to work. I am still surprised to be on my feet and I owe her a lot.

Catherine, Montreal  



Since the age of 11 years old, I had a diagnosis of ulcerous colitis.  At that moment in life, my way of eating completely changed.  I used to love fruit, vegetables, freshly picked from my mother’s garden, hazelnuts at the end of the summer, etc.  In short, I had the impression that all I had loved eating was banished for the rest of my life.  I grew up with this illness with its ups and downs.  Never ending diarrheas, constantly looking for toilets, the stress of not finding them, the fear of not getting there in time.  My life was concentrated on toilets.  At the age 26 many other problems were creeping up and I had enough of being constantly sick.

A cousin of mine told me about homeopathy…. And my life changed.  At last a medicine which goes to see inside me.   I, a professional nurse, believe that fundamentally sickness is the expression of something wrong inside.  Homeopathy helped me treat the deep causes of this illness.  While treating the causes of the illness, the symptoms evaporated…  For me it was a liberation.  I am now 35 years old, I eat what I want and what I wish.  Let me tell you what I eat when I go to visit my mother in the summer.  All vegetables that I can get from her garden…  The ulcerous colitis is no longer part of me.  Some days, I even wonder if I ever had it, that I was a prisoner of this illness.  I have been off the medications for many years, I consider myself cured.  What freedom… I will always be thankful to this cousin who helped me discover this science.  Always thankful to Linda, this extraordinary homeopath.  Today I say thank you to life, to have put homeopathy on my path and in my life.

Sonia P.  Repentigny. 



In July 2010, we consulted Linda Arbour, Classical Homeopath for an earache in each ear of our daughter Maude, 9 years old.  Clear and particular symptoms to Maude allowed Linda to determine the remedy that the needed.  The next day, inflammation was 50% less in both years and 4 days later, all symptoms had disappeared.  Furthermore, two weeks later, her hair had started to grow again where she had had alopecia (hair loss) for which we had consulted 6 months previously and for which no previous treatment had had any success.  Linda had found her personal remedy, treating the person and not the sickness.

D.T. Notre-Dame-de-Grâce






At the age of 18 months, my son's pediatrician had confirmed the presence of a cyst in the left testicle and I was then referred to a surgeon. Then my son’s name was placed on a waiting list for an operation, which involves a general anesthetic. Meanwhile, I contacted Linda who received me in consultation for my son and provided a remedy to remove the cyst. Within about a month, the cyst seemed to disappear, making me wonder if it had not moved and could not be visible or palpable anymore.  I then made an appointment with the surgeon and then received confirmation that the cyst had disappeared ! The doctor was amazed, surprised. He told me that this happens very rarely. Linda’s involvement and expertise avoided my son an operation and I am very grateful. Thank you very much Linda!

Cathy, Terrebonne, Qc


See Constance's case : Chronic Rinithis and Menopause, in the Respiratory Section



My daughter had a hard time dealing with tedious responsibilities normal for her age. She took refuge in her fantasy world. This loophole was causing her more problems at school including inattention, whining, pouting and learning difficulties. Fearing Ritalin, my husband and I opted for homeopathy. After three doses of medication the situation has definitely subsided.

Martine, Ontario


When we adopted our daughter, she was 4 months old.  After only 10 days with us in Vietnam, she had to undertake the long 24 hours journey back home, and learn to live with her new family. After her first night, she developed eczema. During the day she was very agitated and anxious at the thought of sleeping alone. She literally tore her hair with rage.

I had her seen and treated since in homeopathy. After the first dose of remedy, she has never touched her hair aggressively and could finally sleep alone. I continued the treatment in homeopathy (teething, colds, gastrointestinal disturbances, day care viruses, etc.). Gradually, she found her way and adapted to her new life with us. I am convinced that the homeopathic approach allowed her to have a better start in life. Today she is developing normally and even at daycare, they agree that its homeopathic remedies are effective.

M. de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce


I can still remember my first visit with Linda.  A friend of mine had recommended her for my menstrual problems or should I say the absence of periods.  I went to see Linda without knowing anything about homeopathy or what we would talk about.  I had nothing to loose.  Instead I gained everything.  I went to a few meetings and my menstrual problems disappeared.  It’s unbelievable but true with dates to show.  Moreover, I had bad anxiety and was very closed to relationships.  Session after session, I got rid of my fears and got my confidence back.  Today I am happy, mother of a young boy and I feel my life is fulfilled on all counts.  In the end, homeopathy was my life’s best investment.

Angela, Vancouver.


When I began my treatment in homeopathy, it was almost ten years that I suffered from panic attacks. They occurred mostly at night, I awoke with a start with tightness in the middle of the chest. This could also happen when I found myself in a somewhat isolated place as a on a trail or in the middle of a lake, or in transportation: by car in a tunnel or on a bridge, in the subway, especially when it slowed down in the tunnels. I consulted various doctors who trivialized the problem or sought physical causes (lung problems, heart problems or allergies). Some suggested taking antidepressant medication, somewhat blindly, without asking too many questions and referred me to anxiety clinics which approach put me off as cold and impersonal.

It is my wife who convinced me to try a homeopathic treatment. For my part, I was extremely skeptical and it is the fact that I had nothing to lose that convinced me to see Linda. At the first meeting, several questions were put to me and I remember that some made me laugh, because they were not directly targeted on my panic symptoms. I did not realize it was a big picture that drew the homeopath before choosing the appropriate medication. The session ended by taking a drug (granules) and the next day, I started to feel the positive effects of treatment. My skepticism let me assume that this was due to the liberating effect of speech: the meeting had lasted nearly four hours.

There were four sessions (shorter) during the year and one session per year for three years that followed. It has now been four years since I stopped consulting. Sometimes I still feel very mild discomfort, but the frequency, duration and intensity of attacks are absolutely nothing in comparison to what I could feel before. I am able to find peace for myself and most importantly, the spells do not happen at  night any more. Bridges, tunnels and subways do not affect me any longer, I found myself stuck in an elevator (nothing dramatic, all in all it lasted about two minutes) and although I cannot  describe the experience as pleasurable, I did not feel any panic. I consider myself cured.

As for skepticism, again sometimes I still feel very slight doubts. Is the healing process the result of being listened to by the homeopath or a personal awareness that brought a better understanding of my limitations? The important thing is that homeopathy has succeeded where other methods have failed. In addition, I must admit that the well-being and simultaneously, the changes in my behavior forbid me to deny the effect of the homeopathic remedy.

Michel M. Montréal


For over a year, I was suffering from strange symptoms that prevented me from sharing a meal with friends or family. What was strange was that my symptoms appeared only during the evening meal.

As soon as I sat at the table, within seconds and before I started to eat, nausea overcame me.. My body began to tremble and shivers traveled over my whole body. I had a lump that was forming in my stomach and I could not eat or drink anything.  My stomach hurt, intestinal stress settled in, within a few minutes.

I had to leave the table because my condition was pathetic. Severe fatigue overcame me and I could fall asleep without the need for sleep being felt a few minutes earlier. The evening ended with vomiting and diarrhea. So I found myself lying in bed, I felt weak and and it was difficult to sleep because a state of delirium would wake me up, as when suffering from fever.

So I consulted Linda, whom I knew for years, because everything I had tried to cure me did nothing. We met a few times until the right remedy and the right dosage was to be found. Since that day, I do not have these symptoms anymore.  It was a miracle in my life since this condition prevented me from accepting several invitations and confronted me with a lot of misunderstanding and judgment. Homeopathy is powerful and I will always be pleasantly surprised by the amazing results of this inspiring medicine.


ALSO see Jacky Jones'case under:  Asthma / Eye irritations / Panic Attacks IN THE RESPIRATORY SECTION




I was diagnosed in 1999, in my late twenties, by specialists, with trigeminal neuralgia, "atypical", on the right side of the face between the eye and chin, and with a burning and constant pain, comparable (I guess) to a nail driven in continuously at these places. This pain also gave the impression of having a face "cut" into two, as one of the characters in the paintings of Francis Bacon.

The traditional medical system could see no solution, except perhaps surgery. And not wanting to be under the influence of pain medication continuously, I started looking for alternatives. But it was only six years later, after many unsuccessful therapies, that I uncovered by chance homeopathy.

Meanwhile, I had had time to "die" in pain several times (and especially of loneliness in pain). I felt, at 35 , that my life was over. I was working and studying full time, but always in a "limit" state.

Following my virtual discovery of homeopathy on the Internet, I waited about a year before consulting a specialist. Probably because I wanted to check first, by myself, the benefits of this particular medicine before I confided in a therapist. And that's what I did.

I first tested homeopathic remedies on myself, which have quickly made changes. However, I was unable to treat myself deeply and eliminate the pain completely. I realized my limitations and the need to consult a specialist, given the complexity of this medicine.

In 2006, when I first met Linda Arbour, I was "ready", I knew how homeopathy worked, but, unlike the specialist, I neither had  the experience nor the tools to determine the effective remedy, accurately. I also knew that healing was slow and required to listen to one’s symptoms.

The improvement settled in rather quickly. And, in less than two years, in 2008, I did not fear new relapse of symptom of neuralgia whatsoever. All this thanks to a "partnership" with Linda Arbour, who has a particularly good professional ear.

My only regret is not having consulted Linda Arbour earlier (because I lost time and money to try treating myself). My big disappointment is not to have been informed as soon as 1999 by the traditional medical system of the existence of alternative non-traditional treatments, such as homeopathy, in chronic pain. Hopefully this will change.

Pascale, Montreal


I received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in October 2001.  I knew exactly what it was all about, as my mother had been afflicted with it since my youth.  After 3 difficult years with many relapses, I met Linda whom I regularly visited for a few months.  I must admit that I was skeptical.  I told Linda about it and she answered that there were no ifs or buts about homeopathy… Either it works or not, and if it doesn’t we change remedy until we get the intended results !  The primary reason for my consultation with her was that I was constantly dizzy and tired.

 Until this day, I sincerely think that homeopathy and more precisely Linda’s sensitivity and knowledge have considerably changed my life.  After 10 years, the neurologist gives me an evaluation of “0” on the EDSS scale, which is a method to quantify invalidity.  I have been able to continue my work as a musician at the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra in the Alto section, and I have been able to run my first half marathon in Montreal in September 2011 and without any dizziness.  

My greatest relief is that after 7 years without symptoms, I wake up in the morning carefree.

Nathalie, Musician at the OSM in Montreal. 


I received in May 2006 a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I had pains in my legs and difficulty to get around. I had heard of Linda Arbour by someone who had already heard her give a lecture and another person who made me read testimonials. I was skeptical! Before consulting Linda in homeopathy, I had been followed clinically and had received treatment by injections for about 4 years. Since meeting Linda, I have no more pains in my legs or any difficulty to move. Now everything is fine, my legs are working well. I have not had a crises since I met Linda Arbour, which is now 2 years ago. I'm really happy and I have lots of plans for the future!

S.D. Lachenaie


Although everyone is different, the hazards of life bring, at one point or another and for all sorts of reasons, our body to let us know that we are asking too much of it or asking in the wrong way. In my case, extreme tiredness came over me and made me unable to function for several days at a time.  After 5-6 days to do only the minimum, I would find again a rhythm but each time without regaining the energy that I knew. Then we start to think; aging, stress, anxiety, lack of vitamin, menopause or worse, cancer, etc.

Our body is an entity that is not compartmentalized. It's never just one thing but the interaction of emotional and physical that creates imbalance at times. If you adhere to this way of understanding the proper functioning, then you will understand that it is never just a stomach problem, hair loss or depression. My meetings and my treatment in homeopathy made me realize my life's journey, good and bad. In addition to the links I could see talking to her, my homeopath knew with her considerable expertise and experience to make connections between what I was saying and recognize where the imbalance was located and was able to address this pervasive sense of fatigue. For me, homeopathy is the boost I needed to get back in shape. I would add that we must be active in our rebuilding ie I think we are always responsible so that things and people act in our lives. Nothing is a miracle, but my homeopathic treatment allowed me to regain my energy and at 56 years of age, I am often in better shape at the end of a day’s teaching at grade school than other young teachers are ... 

G. of Montreal






A few years ago, Linda had followed my son Rafael for chronic allergic rhinitis, and treated him with homeopathy.  He is 15 years old now and does not remember having allergies.!  Thank you very much Linda !

Brigitte Bernatchez 


It’s been already over 20 years since I consulted Georges Arragon for homeopathic treatment. I had heard much about him and I decided to go see him. I suffered from terrible allergies to cats and ragweed. I only had to enter the entrance of a house where there was a cat, and the symptoms started! Successive attacks of sneezing, redness, burning and itchy eyes, watery eyes and swollen eyelids. I, who loved cats, could not even visit my friends who were lucky enough to have one. I had not always been allergic to cats. It started around the age of 17. Same for ragweed, these terrible allergies that lasted from mid-summer until the first frosts in October. I could not enjoy summer, I was looking forward to the first frosts, to end these allergic attacks so exhausting and trying. I could well avoid cats, but I could not avoid the seasons. I anticipated summer due to the severity of my symptoms, I felt no longer any joy.

The consultation lasted a long time, a few hours. And it made me realize how I was sensitive to many things. In fact, Georges made me realize this by his questions, the links he made between stressful events, my emotional sensitivities and the initial onset of my symptoms. The homeopathic consultation is a fascinating world. As if we discover, understand ourselves for the first time.

After a few treatments, I no longer suffered from allergies to cats, or ragweed. I took pleasure in the joys of summer and fall, without worry or anticipation of these terrible allergies that had exhausted me so much. So many years have passed, I do not even think about it any longer ! And for over 20 years now, I can live with my beloved cats, pet them, even sleep with them. It's really wonderful! Thank you Georges, I am eternally grateful! 

Marie-Johanne, Montreal


I must admit that I was septic concerning homeopathic treatments until the day I walked into your office, but you did cure my seasonal allergies which I suffered from for over 14 years ... now I live as if I never had allergies...! It's almost magical!  Thank you Mr Arragon for your good listening, your presence and extraordinary know-how !

Maryam Bazargani 


I have always been athletic and active.  In my 30s I was a fitness model, cross-country runner, track and field participant and played tennis.  Over time, I gradually became unable to do even the most simple physical activities such as walking in a mall, climbing stairs, even going up and down grocery aisles caused me to become dizzy and out of breath.  My eyes were constantly irritated and red and I felt weak and experienced panic attacks often.   My mother died suddenly at a young age so I was becoming increasingly worried.  After several trips to a variety of doctors and hospitals, I was diagnosed with asthma and other respiratory illnesses.  Four or five times per day I was forced to use inhalers.  Then I was introduced to Linda Arbour.

From the first meeting, I felt that Linda was able to become attuned to the causes of my discomfort in a way that no one has ever been able to understand before.  After one treatment she knew what to do to help me and since that day I have had almost no symptoms of respiratory distress at all!  My breathing has returned to normal and my eyes have cleared up as well.  I never need to use medications anymore.  My sleeping and breathing is improved and I am able to exercise without stress.  I have never been to a homeopathic practitioner before and didn’t know what to expect but I am now fully convinced that the results that I have experienced are typical of many of Linda’s patients and I would not hesitate to recommend her to all my friends and family.

Jackie Jones, Montreal 


Homeopathic medicine was unknown to me until a friend told me about the wonders of this medicine and of Linda Arbour. To start with, I am very open to all alternative medicines, medicines that will treat the whole being, which go to the source of the illness and achieve a complete cure. So, I consulted for allergies to animals, and asthma without knowing what this homeopath could do for me. On the form I had completed, she asked the various ailments for which we are consulting and I decided to write the other problems I had been enduring for many years and for which no one had ever been able to help me. Among other things, restless legs: a symptom that appeared at the age of thirteen. For several years, no doctor could help me with this problem which often woke me up at night and that bothered me several times during the day. During the consultation I had another surprise because Linda Arbour enabled me to express the way I felt in a delicate and precise way. I began to understand certain things that I had never paid attention to or made any links with. Since my first consultation, significant changes have occurred and are absolutely remarkable. I have seen the symptom of restless legs disappear, I can pet  and take a cat in my arms, without any allergic reactions. No more asthma attacks! 

 Homeopathic medicine is also a preventative medicine. It can cure just about anything because it understands the human body in a holistic way. The human body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself. You just have to bring all these energy centers and look at them as  a whole universe and not a fragmented one. I feel that my body is trying to rebuild slowly. I can feel the same changes in my emotional state and also in managing my emotions. I can feel how it strengthens  itself on the emotional and physical plane. I am eternally grateful because I've never felt so good in my life. I'm in deep communication with my own body, every day, I embrace life fully.

J. Montreal


I have long believed in alternative therapies but I waited to have a reference from a colleague to start homeopathic treatment in the early 2000s. My main problem was chronic rhinitis: endless nasal discharge. I had to blow my nose all day without forgetting the night spells. I could not take a step without tissues, it was frustrating ....

After several homeopathic visits, I achieved 95% healing. I also realized that much of my problem was emotional. So now, I manage what little is left of my spells just by listening to myself, expressing needs and reducing my stress levels. Halfway during treatment, another major problem had arisen due to my age: menopause! This problem was treated in parallel with rhinitis and recovery was complete. But flushes sometimes reappear during severe stress. In this case I take the remedy.  I always use homeopathy but only when necessary as the important symptoms have disappeared.

Constance, South Shore of Montreal

ALSO SEE Jerome's case: Lung Tumor and Infection of Lungs, in the Tumors, Cysts, Nodosities Section.




I would like to express my great satisfaction following the treatment I received from Linda Arbour, homeopath. I had psoriasis. One of my nieces worked in the health system and having expressed to her my dissatisfaction with the results after three months of treatments with a renowned dermatologist, she strongly advised and recommended insistently to me to consult with Mrs Arbour. I was a little skeptical, but I told myself that I had nothing to lose. I had an appointment in less than three weeks. After five or six weeks under her care, my psoriasis was gone at 90% and after another thirty days there remained nothing of the psoriasis at all. I had to take a small dose of oral medication (homeopathic remedy). No greasy and unpleasant creams to apply morning and evening and which are also very expensive because they are not covered by Quebec’s prescription drug insurance.  I hope this testimonial will help others to get rid of this very unpleasant disease.

Jean-Jacques, Montreal 


My name is Charlotte. I discovered homeopathy about 14 years ago. I stayed faithful to it because it is an exceptional medicine. Homeopathy looks at your whole person, not just the symptoms that your body manifests. I present to you an experience for which treatment was administered and was once again very successful. Two years ago, a sort of large growth appeared on my chin at the end of September. At first I thought it was just a pimple. But at the end of January, it had become a long thin protrusion.

I then consulted with Linda, an exceptional homeopath. The meeting lasted about two and a half hours. She asked me many questions to understand my situation. Homeopathy is very interested in emotions experienced by the patient. So in talking with her, we searched in the months before the appearance of the growth what could have caused this skin reaction. We had identified several elements together, allowing us to identify the emotion behind it. Here's what the consultation identified in retrospect.

In September, I lost a job that I loved. I left behind me people I was very attached to and who were very sorry to see me go. My husband was earning very little money and I knew how my input was important. I was very stressed at the thought of not having income, especially not knowing when I would find myself a new job. I had two kids and it was very difficult financially. It was through discussion with my homeopath that we made the link between this loss and the appearance of the pustule. Since, my situation had improved, (as I had found at the end of October a very interesting job), I never thought that the stress and pain experienced in September had left such a durable mark. Indeed, at the time of the consultation (in months following January) I was no longer anxious but the growth was still there.

It is through this long and valuable consultation that Linda was able to discern the cause of this symptom and treat me carefully choosing the appropriate remedy. Two weeks later, everything had disappeared. During a consultation in homeopathy, you must be ready to engage, to acknowledge your fears, your sorrows and to examine certain aspects of your lives. When this is done, the homeopath can really help you regain your equilibrium.

Charlotte, TMR


If someone had told me, years ago, that my eczema would solve itself with homeopathy! I tried everything, my grandmother’s remedies and advice from everyone, I also tried tubes of granules sold in pharmacies, without any results! Even dermatologists say that eczema cannot be cured. I practice a manual trade, I was at the time strongly advised to change jobs. After several years of pain,  my eczema was getting worse, and I had the luck to make an extraordinary meeting! A meeting with a homeopath! I did not know that homeopathy could cure a disease or ailment from it’s deep source: the emotion or the feeling that makes our body create this illness. At my first meeting I was not sure how it worked ... I remember leaving the office, after three hours of discussion, asking Linda: After that, what's next ? Her only response was to tell me to wait and heal! For the first time in my life I was told I could be cured of my eczema! It does not happen by itself, it is not miraculous, it's so worth making the effort to open one’s mind. All the consultation is done in a spirit of trust . After a few appointments, my eczema problems were already beginning to fade! 7 years after my first appointment, the years have passed, and I am still the proudest person to be able to show my hands completely healed on a beautiful white tablecloth!  Thank you Linda Arbour! You were and still are a significant person in my new life!

Anik, Montreal


ECZEMA of face

My son Philippe started having bouts of eczema at a very young age, probably the first months of his life, his skin always being fragile to soaps, creams, and even certain foods.

At any given time when there was any form of stress present in his life he would develop facial rashes and bouts of eczema, and a few times impetigo would develop in the sores on his face, it was not only painful, it would crack and bleed and become infected, thus worsening the problem. At a young age, I stopped using cortisone cream and tried to control the rashes using natural creams, some would work for a while, but none seemed to heal for a very long time. By the time he was two, and during any teething phase, his face was covered with sores, and by the time he was in school, it was horrible, the children around him giving him a lot of grief over his face.

We tried several methods and one included removing all preservatives and additives from his diet. This was one method that worked the best. After a year however, this proved hard on the rest of our life and his rashes and eczema returned, by this time he was about 12. At the suggestion of a friend, we came to see Georges and a new journey started for Philippe and our family.

We went regularly to see Georges from then on, and there was a method to how his body was reacting to the remedies given, at times seemingly making it worse before Philippe started healing, and gradually, before he was 15, he had gotten rid of the eczema. It was not an easy journey, but Georges came to the root of the problems and changed methods a few times as Philippe grew into a young adult.

He has not had a relapse since and his skin is not even scarred after years of facial eczema. Even though Philippe still goes to see Georges, it is never for the eczema and seeing my son healed is the greatest gift of all.

R.F. Lavaltrie


My son William had a little bump like a hanging wart at the corner of the left eye.  And then, one morning, I saw that others had appeared on the lid.  I went to see his pediatrician.  She told me if was molluscum and that it would spread and that we should consult a dermatologist to have them removed.  He would use a scalpel for that.  She also found the same warts on the hands.  She did not know how the dermatologist would remove the warts on the lid, as the skin is very fragile there.  I never managed to get an appointment with a dermatologist:  either they had left, were on maternity leave, or appointments went to one year later.  I did not know what to do.  I decided to take him to see Linda, my homeopath.  After the first appointment, nothing changed.  We went back a month later and after the second homeopathic remedy, 7 days later, the warts had completely disappeared and never came back.  I was greatly relieved.  

C.  St-Eustache.

CONGENITAL ICHTYOSIFORM ERYTHRODERMA, NONBULLOUS – Considered incurable by conventional medicine

My daughter Suzy was born with a severe skin disease.  Doctors diagnosed a congenital ichtyosiform erythroderma, nonbullous.  It is a congenital disease considered incurable by medicine.  The first symptoms appeared at birth.  Suzy’s body was covered with a hard crust, like a second skin, which could only be removed by rolling it like a yellowish strip, which left the skin underneath very red and itchy.  If the skin was not removed, a discharge would form a new crust, which would replace the old one.  The skin would become easily red and warm.  Suzy was 10 months old then (she is now 19 years old) when we consulted Linda Arbour, Classical Homeopath, who searched with us the cause of the illness.  She uncovered an important emotion that I lived during my pregnancy since Suzy’s symptoms were there at birth.  At the end of the consultation she gave my daughter a homeopathic remedy, and here is what happened:

The first day, nothing happened.  The second day, a red rash appeared like little pimples through the crust, on the whole body.  The third day, the red eruption was limited to a red circle on the chest, but the crusts were unchanged.  The fourth day, on awakening, everything had disappeared, even the crusts had disappeared, no trace of them, as if they had been reabsorbed by the body.  The skin was smooth and without pimples.

During those four days, my baby slept very little, but since, her sleep has been perfect.  The fifth day, she became red from head to toe.  Except for a white sort of star on the neck.  On the sixth day, the redness had disappeared starting at the head and finishing by the feet.    Since that day, the illness has not returned.  On the medical report was written “miraculous case”.

When we went to see the doctor for the follow up, she could not understand that the skin had cured.  She refused to show Suzy to her students in medicine that day as planned, as she could not explain what had happened.  We explained to her that we had consulted a homeopath, and the doctor wanted to know the name of the remedy to try on similar cases.  We explained to her that the remedy was not for a precise sickness or illness, but it was adapted to the personal case of my daughter and that each person affected by this same illness could require a different homeopathic remedy.  On her medical report, it is written that we have consulted a homeopath and also “miraculous case”.  Suzy is now 19 years old and her skin disease has never returned.  

My thanks to Linda and homeopathy

Chantal, Marieville.


A BIG THANK YOU LINDA. (Skin, perspiration, circulatory problems, anxiety)


I was rather hesitant to meet you, the first time about 7 years ago. I was afraid of the unknown and I was skeptical. But here, I want to express the benefits of your practice and would like to address people to talk to them about the good virtues of homeopathy:

My ex-husband has suffered from a virus to the brain and after consultation with Linda, he has recovered faster than lightning. Many health professionals said that it would take years before he can recover, however ... This man functions more than normaly today. It took only about six months before he could resume his normal functions ... while we were telling us it would take years and still ... 

Since then, I consult Linda before consulting anyone else. And ultimately, I have not needed anyone else since, apart from annual routines with my family doctor. Linda was able, by her ability to listen and her remedies: Get rid of the red eruptions on my face, eliminate anxiety in difficult times of my life, removing discoloration and redness from poor circulation in my legs, remove the perspiration on my hands when I must shake hands with people in times of stress, things that seem harmless, but actually that bothered me in my everyday life. She even made my menstrual pains disappear, and oppression and certain states of mind.

From now on, whenever I have a symptom, I consult her. I think putting a bandage on a wound does not heal anything at the source of the problem. To find the source, Linda asks many questions. It is sometimes a bit embarrassing to talk about ourselves but to be authentic and tell her what we are going through and how we really feel helps to choose the remedy to take away the symptoms. It's full of confidence that I regularly refer people to Linda.

 Have a good consultation.

 Nathalie P., Laval



Neuroblastoma (childhood cancer tumor)

At the age of 17 days old, my baby ended up in the hospital emergency for cardiac and respiratory failure. After diagnosis, doctors found a tumor the size of a grapefruit taking all the space in Jerome's chest. After a consultation and from our conversations and our almost daily observations, Linda suggested homeopathic remedies. A succession of remedies were necessary according to symptoms, and the critical condition improved greatly, and the tumor was completely gone ... in less than 10 days. Scanner to support the finding. I saw the medical report: "Spontaneous unexplained recovery . 

Later in life, Jerome had a serious lung infection ... After getting back home, our son made us realize (but we did not understand until much later) he had a mortal fear of abandonment. After having been with a baby sitter (it was only the third time) we had to go to the emergency. 120 breaths per minute during 7 weeks of intensive care. The last biopsy revealed that 90% of the lungs were virtually dead.  After 7 weeks of fighting, our baby was going to give up his fight, doctors gave him 24 hours to live.

We went back to Linda in homeopathy. After the consultation and giving him the chosen homeopathic remedy, after 30 minutes we had to remove Jerome from the respirator as he had begun to fight it because he did not need oxygen anymore. 24 hours later he was out of intensive care. 2 days later we all returned at home. And 2 weeks later we brought back the oxygen concentrator we were told  to use for at least a year (to help Jerome grow new lung cells). Despite all their research, doctors were never able to say what Jerome had suffered from. Medical report: "Healing unexplained." My message of hope: When your body or that of a loved one shows symptoms, it speaks, you must answer. Never give up, keep searching, even where you do not suspect. Yes, homeopathy can make small and big miracles ... But not without you. Good luck and good health to all!

J.R. Montreal




I discovered homeopathy in France over 20 years ago when it cured an 8-year chronic condition I was suffering from. Ever since, I have simply come to rely on it as my primary source of treatment and healing. Georges Arragon has been our family doctor since 2007 and we feel so blessed. Living a life of healthy mind, spirit and body has been the result of the wonderful relationship we have built over the years. 

Christine, Montreal


Our meetings, with Georges, have allowed me to identify the pains of the past, to understand my coping mechanisms, and especially to manage otherwise most of the daily events which echo the past. A sense of regaining power over my life, a sense of freedom!

Thank you!

Sylvie Gendreau



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